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Intro Video

Tools Used During This Task

Google Street View

Click here to view the page on how we use Google Street View in our processes

Click here to view the page on how we use in our processes

Valuation Workbook

Click here to view the page on how we use the Valuation Workbook in our processes


Open the Neighborhood Orientation image

  1. In the spreadsheet > Possible Comps tab150
    1. Select 'View the Subject on Bing' from the Action Wizard
    2. Click to Run Action
    1. View the Subject Property
    2. Scroll up and down the street several houses in both directions
    3. Look at the neighboring houses
    4. Try to take some mental notes of what the exterior of the house looks like and the quality of the neighborhood in general
    1.  Determine what sub-community the Subject is located in (Red, Blue, or Yellow Highlighter circle)
    2. In the Bing window > Click the 'Streetside' view (generally a picture on the right side of the screen)

Review the Subject information

  1. Go back to the spreadsheet click on 'Lead Interview Sheet'
  2. Review the sections about the physical house
    1. Special Features
    2. Repairs needed
    3. Unit Notes
    4. etc.
  3. From looking at the images on, can you see anything else that makes this home better or worse than the surrounding homes?
  4. If the notes in the Lead Interview Sheet mention the exterior, can you confirm that the external condition is like the notes say?

Pull up the Potential Comps 

  1. Select 'View Comps on the MLS' from the Action Wizard
    1. Click 'Map Options' > 'Map'
    2. Select the Comps which are in the same or similar sub-communities as our subject

Finalize and Recap

Recap Video


  • Reviewed the Neighborhood
  • Reviewed the Subject
  • Narrowed the Pool of Potential Comps
  • Choose the Renovated comps from the Narrowed Pool
  • Added the Renovated comps to the Oneliner sheet