In the Valuations Department we evaluate every property that comes through our lead flow. They will go through 3 main stages.

In Stage 1, our Advisors speak to our clients or research the properties using public information to discover specific attributes of the properties.

In Stage 2 we use this information and conduct a real estate market analysis of the Subject Property's area to estimate the sales price if this home were to sell in its current condition, if it were to be renovated, and its estimated renovation cost. This information is passed back to our Advisors who will determine the best follow up process and will follow up with our clients.

In Stage 3, depending on the follow up process our Advisors chose, we will have an in person meeting at the property with our clients where we will either offer to purchase the property or list the property for our client.

Links to the Stages Below

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3