Dave and Ashley


My business partner and I have been working with Shlomo and Zalmo from VG Home Buyers for a few years now and have enjoyed a great business relationship. They really take pride in their renovations and work hard to ensure all parties involved from the realtors to the end consumer are fully satisfied. We look forward to being involved in many more projects with VG Homebuyers!


This transaction was a great experience. The VG Team provided good expectations on our initial call and met all of them. When we ran into some difficulties beyond either of our control, they were VERY patient while I worked things out. I really enjoyed working with them and would love to work with them again.

Carol Eisenstein

I first met a team member of VG Home Buyers while looking for a home for a buyer client. The home I viewed was totally renovated top to bottom and beautifully designed with fine quality products throughout. This home had all the features that buyers have on their ‘must have’ list.

I knew as a Realtor that I needed to know more about their company and establish a relationship with them. Since then, I have had the gratifying opportunity to work with VG Home Buyers as their Realtor. The experience is always a smooth one and as stress free as possible. They work hard to establish relationships during each transaction with a dedicated, hands-on approach.

VG Home Buyers exceeds buyer’s expectations! VG Home Buyers develops an outstanding product and has the ability to know just what today’s buyers are looking for. Their projects are well thought out with expert planning and decision making, producing a seamless construction endeavor. Accomplished craftsmen are always used. This renovation team understands a home purchase is the biggest life investment a buyer will make and therefore makes providing exceptional and attainable homes their top priority. They are dedicated and committed with honesty and integrity as key elements to provide an exceptional product.

VG Home Buyers members are true professionals, with young and upcoming attitudes and design ideas. They are committed to quality and customer service as they continue to build their reputation in the New Jersey area. My hope is that there will be a VG Home Buyers renovated home in your neighborhood soon!

Tommy and Tinnee